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electric motor

Has Your Pump Stopped Working?

We repair motors, controls and starters

Is Your Electric Motor Fuse Blown?

We also carry belts, bearings and brushes

Electric Motors and Parts in Ottawa

Located on Carling Avenue in Ottawa, people trust Comotech for the electric motors and parts they need. In addition to electric motors we stock generators, hoists, rewind equipment and welding machines. What's more, we carry everything needed to repair electric motors, from brushes to casings. Our inventory includes:


Contact Comotech for more information or to enquire about the specific parts you need.

Electric Motors (1/100HP to 200HP Motors in Stock)

Manufacturers include:

  • Crompton Greaves
  • HICO
  • Rotom
  • Marathon™
  • Fasco®
  • Universal Electric Motors
  • WEG
  • U.S. Electric
  • Many other manufacturers

Available Parts

  • Adjustable and transition bases
  • Fan blades
  • V-belts
  • Blowers
  • Couplings
  • Sheaves
  • Bearings

Electric Motor Controls (up to Size-5 Contactors in Stock)

  • ABB
  • Finder Relays
  • AEG

Drives and Soft Starts

  • ABB
  • Delta
  • Invertek

Fuses (all sizes available)

  • Fusetek
  • Littelfuse®


  • Bell boxes to all sizes


  • Individual
  • Fixed bank
  • Auto bank and power factor correction controllers
  • Electric motor start and run capacitors

Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Water Pumps

  • Hydromatic
  • A full line of ITT circulating pumps and parts
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